Faculty-Centered Student Advising



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The Faculty Centered Student Advising Program, implemented during the Fall of 2003, allows students the opportunity to interact and to develop a special relationship with faculty outside the classroom as a means of impacting student learning and student success.

At the beginning of each semester, students are assigned to faculty advisors based on student major, class schedule, and campus most attended. Faculty are trained and apprised of updates to the advising program during convocation and through special training sessions available throughout the year.

Who should have an Advisor?

Anyone can benefit from visiting with an advisor. An advisor can be an administrator, professional staff, or faculty member who cares about your success at Navarro College. The Advising Program at Navarro College currently focuses all efforts on the success of our first-year students.

Why should I see an Advisor?

  • To ask questions
  • To receive information needed for success
  • Knowing that someone is here for YOU

When should I see my Advisor?

  • Several times during your first semester
  • At least once every semester for ongoing updates
  • Anytime you have questions or concerns