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The A.A.S. in Accounting program at Navarro College is designed to prepare students for entry-level accounting positions in accounting firms, industry or government. The program provides a solid foundation in accounting principles, giving students opportunities to demonstrate accounting and technology competency through hands-on application. Students who successfully complete Navarro College’s accounting program will have a strong accounting foundation for entrance into the accounting field and/or expand their educational experience. In addition to the A.A.S., in Accounting, Navarro College offers three certificate programs for accounting students:


Accounting Marketable Skills Certificates are awards recognizing attainment of accounting skills for those individuals seeking to gain employment or enhance their career in the accounting field or related areas. Completion of this award prepares the students to sit for the QuickBooks Certified User Exam. All courses in this certificate may be applied toward the Accounting Clerk Certificate, the Accounting Assistant/Paraprofessional Certificate and the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Accounting.


Accounting Clerk Certificates are designed for individuals who want basic accounting skills. Students who pursue this certificate do not require remediation. This certificate can be completed in as little as two semesters.


Accounting Assistant/Paraprofessional Certificates are designed to prepare individuals who want more advanced accounting skills. Students who pursue this certificate must meet THEA requirements.

Gainful Employment

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Accounting Assistant-Paraprofessional Certificate (.pdf)

Accounting Clerk Certificate (.pdf)

Accounting Marketing Skills Certificate (.pdf)

Course Descriptions

ACCT 2301 Principles of Financial Accounting

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of financial accounting as prescribed by U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) as applied to transactions and events that affect business organizations. Students will examine the procedures and systems to accumulate, analyze,  measure, and record financial transactions. Students will use recorded financial information to prepare a balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and statement of shareholders’ equity to communicate the business entity’s results of operations and financial position to users of financial information who are external to the company. Students will study the nature of assets, liabilities,  and owners’ equity while learning to use reported financial information for purposes of making decisions about the company. Students will be exposed to International Financial Reporting Standards (IRFS). Prerequisite: Meet TSI college-readiness standard for Mathematics; or equivalent. Recommended co-requisite: MATH 1324 – Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences. 


ACCT 2302 Principles of Managerial Accounting

This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of managerial accounting appropriate for all organizations. Students will study information from the entity’s accounting system relevant to decisions made by internal managers, as distinguished from information relevant to users who are external to the company. The emphasis is on the identification and assignment of product costs, operational budgeting and planning, cost control, and management decision making. Topics include product costing methodologies, cost behavioral, operational and capital budgeting, and performance evaluations. Prerequisite: ACCT2301 – Principles of Financial Accounting. 


ACNT 1303 Introduction to Accounting I

A study of analyzing, classifying, and recording business transactions in a manual and computerized environment. Emphasis on understanding the complete accounting cycle and preparing financial statements, bank reconciliations, and payroll. 


ACNT 1304 Introduction to Accounting II

A study of accounting for merchandising,notes payable, notes receivable, valuation of receivables and equipment, and valuation of inventories in a manual and computerized environment. Prerequisite: ACNT 1303 or program coordinator approval.


ACNT 1305 Forensic Accounting

Accounting fraud and examination designed to provide a basic understanding of the impact that fraud has on an organization. Prerequisite ACNT 1303 ACCT 2301 or program coordinator approval.


ACNT 1311 Introduction to Computerized Accounting

Introduction to utilizing the computer in maintaining accounting records with primary emphasis on a general ledger package. Prerequisite: ACNT 1303 or ACCT 2301 or Accounting Department Chair approval.


ACNT 1329 Payroll & Business Tax Account

A study of payroll procedures, taxing entities, and reporting requirements of local, state, and federal taxing authorities in a manual and computerized environment. Prerequisite ACNT 1303 or program coordinator approval.


ACNT 1331 Federal Income Tax: Individual

A study of the federal law for preparation of individual income tax returns.


ACNT 1368 Practicum – Accounting/Technology/Tech

Practical, general workplace training supported by an individualized learning plan enveloped by the employer, college, and student. Practicum must be taken in degree plan sequence and requires 336 hours (21 hours per week) of workplace training. Contact accounting program coordinator the semester prior to enrolling.


ACNT 2302 Accounting Capstone

Allows students to apply broad knowledge of accounting profession through discipline specific projects involving the integration of individuals and teams performing activities to simulate workplace situations. Capstone must be taken in degree plan sequence. Contact accounting program coordinator prior to enrolling.


ACNT 2332 Accounting Information Systems

A study of accounting information systems and related subsystems, including data collection, security, retrieval, manipulation, filtering and sorting of data. 

Prerequisite:  ACNT 1303, ACNT 1304, COSC 1301


Accounting (AAS)
60 credit hours
Accounting Assistant/Paraprofessional Certificate39 credit hours
Accounting Clerk Certificate18 credit hours
CAMPUS: Online
PATHWAY: Business & Industry


April 15 Summer Registration begins
May 30Registration ends & Payment due at 5 p.m. for 12-week & 1st 6-week terms
June 5Classes start for 12-week and 1st 6-week terms
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