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Students interested in pursuing a career in Engineering should have a strong background in Math and Science. Engineers are good problem solvers, so critical thinking and attention to detail are important skills for success. An engineer also needs to be an effective communicator to work in teams and to be able to explain engineering problems and solutions to non-engineers.


The Navarro College Pre-Engineering program helps students focus on developing a fundamental knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics, and provides an introduction to engineering. In addition, students take other general education classes in English, communication, the social sciences and humanities in order to fulfill the core curriculum requirements.

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Course Descriptions

ENGR 2301 Engineering Mechanics-Statics

This is a three credit hour course. Topics include basic theory of engineering mechanics, using calculus, involving the description of forces, moments, and couples acting on stationary engineering structures; equilibrium in two and three dimensions; free-body diagrams; friction; centroids; centers of gravity; and moments of inertia. Pre-requisites: PHYS 2425 University Physics I | Concurrent enrollment in or previous completion of MATH 2414 Calculus II 


ENGR 2302 Engineering Mechanics – Dynamics

This is a three credit hour course. Topics include Basic theory of engineering mechanics, using calculus, involving the motion of particles, rigid bodies, and systems of particles; Newton’s Laws; work and energy relationships; principles of impulse and momentum; application of kinetics and kinematics to the solution of engineering problems. Pre-requisites: ENGR 2301 Engineering Mechanics – Statics 


ENGR 2305 Electrical Circuits I

This course is a study of the principles of electrical circuits and systems. Basic circuit elements (resistance, inductance, mutual inductance, capacitance, independent and dependent controlled voltage, and current sources); topology of electrical networks; Kirchhoff ’s laws; node and mesh analysis; DC circuit analysis; operational amplifiers; transient and sinusoidal steady-state analysis; AC circuit analysis; first- and second-order circuits; Bode plots; and use of computer simulation software to solve circuit problems.
Pre-requisites: PHYS 2425 University Physics I; MATH 2414 Calculus II Pre-requisite or Co-requisite: MATH 2320 Differential Equations 


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Pre-Engineering (AS)60 credit hours


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