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Are you a Returning or Former NC Student?

Grad TX is a program designed to help adults return to college and finish their associate’s degree.  Why an associate’s degree?  By earning an associate’s degree, you’re increasing the number of total jobs available to you by 134 percent and annual income by as much as $6,240!


Adults returning to college face unique challenges.  Balancing family, work, and school can be daunting. Returning to school after a break might seem overwhelming.  Many people who want to return to school are unsure how they’d pay for it. And still others worry that if they returned to school they’d have to start all over again.


Grad TX understand these concerns. Navarro College offers a variety of programs designed specifically for returning students to help overcome these and other obstacles. If you want to return to college and finish your associate’s degree, Grad TX can get you started.


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