All-Time Baseball Statistics


2019  All-East Conference

1st Team — Cash Rugely (Player of The Year); Dawson Woods, Stacey Bailey, Carson Rollins, Pepper Jones
2nd Team — Kyle Landers, Mason Holt

2018 All-Region XIV —  Paul Dickens

2018 All-East Conference

1st Team — Paul Dickens (Pitcher of The Year); Beau Orlando, Scott Hastings, Esteban Cardoza-Oquendo, Josh Ragan, Mason Holt, Austin Faith, Pepper Jones
2nd Team — Kyle Landers, Ryan Johnston

Honorable Mention — Noah Menchaca, Asher Cook


2017 All-Region XIV

2017 All-East Conference

1st Team — Braden Williams, Paul Dickens
2nd Team — Beau Orlando, Jacob Walker, Matt Munoz, Josh Ragan, Asher Cook, Mark Geisel, Johnny Panatex


2016 All-Region XIV — Luis Trevino, Alex Samples, Connor Reich

2016 All-East Conference
Luis Trevino (Player of The Year); Evan Pontley (Pitcher of The Year)

1st Team – Alex Samples, Connor Reich
2nd Team – Robert Salazar, Ben Martin, Matt Munoz, Blake Adams, Ryan Buss, Brandon Ivey, Mark Geisel, Matt Kelley


2015 All-East Conference
Heath Donica (Pitcher of The Year); Luis Trevino (Freshman of The Year)

1st Team — Daniel Costello, Holden Grounds, Keenan Wingfield
2nd Team — Kenniel Rivera, Mason Hesse, Hunter Seales, Jorge Flores, Alex Samples


2014 All-Region XIV — Holden Grounds, J.D. Hammer, Mason Hesse, Grayson Lewis, Sam McDonnell

2nd Team — Jorge Flores


2013 All-East Conference
John Clay Reeves (Player of The Year); Lukas Schiraldi (Pitcher of The Year)

1st Team — Chad Young, Gage Curry, Drake Roberts, Mason Salazar, Jovan Hernandez, Tyler Wilson
2nd Team – Blake Griffin, J.P. Phillips, Campbell Cooper

All Academic Team — Zachary Hobbs, Colton Besett


2012 NJCAA 2nd Team All-American — Kaleb Goodell
All-Region XIV — Kaleb Goodell, Craig McConaughy, Gage Curry


2012-2013 — No. 2
2011-2012 — Receiving Votes
2010-2011 — No. 3
2007-2008 — No. 4
2005-2006 — No. 9


Won:  35
Lost:   22
Won: 23
Lost: 7