Office of Financial Aid


To remain eligible for federal and state financial aid programs, students need to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards achieving a degree or certificate based on the policy noted below. Standards of satisfactory academic progress are applied to all students who wish to establish or maintain financial aid eligibility at Navarro College, regardless of whether or not they have received financial aid funds in the past. A student will not be eligible for financial assistance if he/she does not meet the academic progress requirements.


The Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) includes the following measurements:


1. Pass a minimum of 67% of all attempted hours including transfer hours. (Divide total completed hours by total attempted hours)


2. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.


3. Maximum total undergraduate hours attempted, not to exceed 150% of program of study including credit hours transferred into Navarro College.


The standards are established to encourage students to progress toward their educational objective and complete their degree within a reasonable time frame.


Navarro College calculates Satisfactory Academic Progress at the end of each term.

Maximum Hour Limit

Federal regulations require that a student complete the program of study within 150% (length of program x 1.5) of the hours required for the program. For example if an associate degree is 63 credit hours in length, a student must complete the program within 94 (63 x 1.5) credit hours. All credit hours attempted at Navarro College including repeated courses with a grade of “F”, “W”, or “I” and all transfer hours to be used toward a degree that were pursed at a previous institution will be counted in the determination of hours attempted. After attempting the maximum hours, the student’s financial aid eligibility will be terminated for this program. The students financial aid will show as termination status.

Satisfactory Progress

As long as a student successfully maintains all SAP guidelines he/she will remain on satisfactory progress. Under this status the student is entitled to any financial aid available for as long as they maintain the minimum requirements. At the end of a semester, if the student falls below one of the requirements they will be placed on warning status.

Warning Status

At the end of an academic semester if a student falls below either of the first two minimum standards, that student will be placed on warning status. A student on warning status may continue to receive aid for one more payment period. At the end of that period if the student again meets the minimum standards they will be placed back into satisfactory progress. However, if they again fail to meet the minimum standards they will be placed on unsatisfactory progress.

Unsatisfactory Progress

A student on unsatisfactory progress does not qualify for further federal aid through Navarro College. If there have been circumstances beyond the students control the student may file an appeal to see if the unsatisfactory progress can be overturned for one additional payment period. The appeal form is available through the financial aid office. If the appeal is approved a student will be on probation for one payment period in which they have to meet the satisfactory standards listed above.

Probation Status

A student on probation status has not met SAP standards but has appealed and had eligibility reinstated. Students on probation status will be required to meet specific terms and conditions during the payment period for which probation is approved. At the end of that payment period the student must meet the required Satisfactory Academic Progress standards or the specific terms and conditions for the semester or no further aid will be disbursed.

Out Status

A student on out status did not meet the terms of probation and is no longer eligible for federal financial aid. Students on out status will continue to be on out status until they meet the minimum standards of Satisfactory Progress. Students are not able to appeal this decision unless they have completed credits at another institution after being placed on out status at Navarro College.

Appeal Process

If a student is on unsatisfactory or termination status he/she may submit an appeal with supporting documentation for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility, only if mitigating circumstances exist. Mitigating circumstances include:

– Serious injury of the student and/or the student’s immediate family

– Serious extended illness of the student and/0r the student’s immediate family

– Death of student’s relative


An appeal must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid before aid can be disbursed in future semesters.  A personal statement and corroborating documents MUST be submitted through the student Self-Service account.  If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on probation status. If the student’s appeal is denied, he/she will be responsible for covering their educational expenses until Satisfactory status is attained.