Head Volleyball Coach


The Head Volleyball Coach reports to the Athletic Director and is responsible for complete supervision of the Volleyball program at Navarro College. In addition, the Head Volleyball Coach will have the responsibility for recruiting student athletes and for determining which individuals will be selected for positions on the team.


  • To ensure that the recruitment of prospective players is carried out efficiently, in accordance with College policy and purpose, and in accordance with applicable conference, regional and national regulations.
  • To be familiar with NJCAA, Region XIV, and Navarro College scholarship guidelines and follow these guidelines.
  • To develop, recommend, and manage the budget for the intercollegiate sport.
  • To develop a satisfactory game schedule for approval by the Athletic Director and District President, and to provide appropriate and timely communication to administrators and faculty, outlining travel and competition dates that will affect student attendance.
  • To recommend necessary alterations, maintenance additions, and improvements of facilities for the intercollegiate sport.
  • To follow established policies and procedures for assisting student financial aid officials in managing scholarships and other financial aid for student athletes.
  • To be responsible for all details for game administration within the intercollegiate sport.
  • Where appropriate, to assist in the development and execution of a planned program for ticket sales and promotion for the intercollegiate sport.
  • To serve as a liaison with conference, regional and national officials, and attend all necessary meetings related to his/her intercollegiate sport.
  • To work with area media and the college public information office to ensure adequate public exposure for activities related to the intercollegiate sport.
  • To be familiar with SACSCOC Accreditation criteria related to athletics and ensure that the intercollegiate sport is in compliance with the criteria.
  • To ensure that student athletes are attending classes and working to succeed in college courses.
  • To visit high schools in the College’s five-county service area to establish good relationships with their coaches where appropriate.
  • To establish and be actively involved in developing, supervising, and maintaining a course work oriented learning program for sport athletes, and place emphasis on the fact the intercollegiate athletes are college students first and athletes second.
  • To be actively involved in seeking institution wide support for and promotion of the intercollegiate sport and recommend ways to develop greater public support.
  • To be competitive in intercollegiate games and strive for success.
  • When appropriate, be involved in a substance abuse education, testing and counseling program for student athletes.
  • To work closely with the Vice President of Student Services through the Athletic Director for the discipline of student athletes.
  • To be familiar with and follow the administrative policies and procedures and the guideline manual for athletes.
  • To recommend policy and procedure revisions as related to his/her intercollegiate sport.
  • To participate in college and community activities, and encourage participation by assistant coaches and athletes.
  • To promote morale and internal communications and to address student problems and complaints of student athletes.
  • To attend institution-wide student functions, performances, and student recognition banquets.
  • Maintains office hours as defined by Administrative Procedure.
  • To prepare an annual budget, including objectives, and submit them to the Athletic Director; also, follow-up by properly managing the budget once adopted.
  • To attend all Athletic Department meetings as called by the Athletic Director.
  • Make efforts to cause student athletes to graduate from Navarro College.
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director.
  • To schedule a fall and spring team meeting with the Athletic Advisor.



  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Must be familiar with NJCAA, Region XIV, and Navarro College scholarship guidelines.
  • Must possess a valid Texas Drivers’ License.
  • Must be insurable by the College auto insurance policy.


  • Master’s Degree.
  • Preference will be given to individuals with previous college volleyball coaching experience.


  • Variances from regular working hours may be necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.
  • Busy working environment with numerous interruptions.

REPORTS TO:  Director of Athletics

SALARY:  Commensurate with Education and Experience  (This is an 11 month position to be paid over 12 months annually)