Adult Education Instructor

This is a grant funded position and continuation is dependent upon availability of funds.


The Full-Time Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Instructor will perform all instructional teaching, classroom management, and other duties associated with the Adult Education program. A major responsibility of all instructional personnel is to meet every scheduled class period for classes which meet on a regular basis. The Instructor will perform a variety of classroom management duties in the efficient operation to the service of their students. This individual will report directly to and is responsible to the Program Coordinator and Director.



  • Instructors are expected to serve as student advocates.
  • Instructors shall provide student-centered learning opportunities.
  • All instructors must make continuing efforts to improve the quality of their courses.
  • Instructors are expected to conduct classroom instruction at the highest possible level of quality, efficiency, and interest for students.
  • Instructors shall communicate their knowledge and experience effectively to students.
  • Instructors shall have good rapport with students in class, instilling an atmosphere in which students are engaged and feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Instructors shall evaluate students regularly and fairly based on outcomes and objectives identified in course syllabi.
  • Instructors shall conduct classes that encourage critical thinking skills and/or instill professionalism in the students.
  • Instructors shall respect student privacy and comply with FERPA laws.
  • Instructors shall grade and return assignments and tests in a timely manner.
  • Instructors shall respond to student correspondence in a reasonable and timely manner.
  • Instructors shall utilize student evaluations to improve the quality of their instruction.
  • Instructors shall adequately plan courses so that content is up to date and presented in an orderly manner.


  • All instructors will be responsible for classroom management. Clear expectations and standards for optimum learning will be discussed on the first day of class or within the first week of classes so that all students will understand the learning environment at Navarro College.
  • Instructors are expected to plan and develop efficient procedures for evaluating student learning.
  • Instructors are expected to develop efficient procedures for notifying students of poor academic performance.
  • All instructors are to be familiar with and adhere to all policies and procedures of the institution.
  • Instructors are expected to meet every scheduled class on time and keep the class for the entire scheduled period.
  • Instructors are required to prepare and submit lesson plan weekly for each class.
  • Instructors are to prepare a course syllabus for each course which they are teaching and distribute within the first week a copy of the syllabus to each student in each class with a copy submitted to the Director.


  • Check and respond to all emails in a timely manner.
  • Be familiar with rules and regulations of the Adult Education and Literacy programs as stated in the operating guide for Adult Education programs in Texas.
  • Responsible for review of all monthly TEAMS (Texas Educating Adults Management Systems) data for students.
  • Keep the Adult Education program updated on all concerns regarding site, classes, students, and TEAMS.
  • Monitor student attendance and retention in class.
  • Become certified to administer assessments as required by TWC (Texas Workforce Commission).
  • Maintain active membership in TALAE (Texas Association for Literacy & Adult Education).
  • Meet state and federal targets of performance.
  • Acquire professional development hours required by TWC as outlined within the time frame requested by AEL.
  • Attend AEL Celebration Ceremony and all other special events.
  • Perform classroom and paperwork duties as assigned.
  • Turn in all paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Hold office hours to be available for students.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s Degree or appropriate certification in field being taught.


  • Certified in Education.
  • Bilingual in Spanish.


  • Demonstrate a spirit of team work.
  • Must be proficient in classroom management, office management and have basic computer literacy skills. Must have good typing and keyboarding skills.
  • Must have the ability to work effectively with students, faculty, administrators, and staff with the willingness to work in a cooperative way with others across multiple functions and departments.
  • Must develop a thorough knowledge of the Adult Education policies and procedures and have the ability to use that information in various situations.
  • Must be able to work in a busy environment with numerous interruptions.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and ability to work independently and under pressure.
  • Must be willing to work occasional weekends and nights.


  • Variances from regular working hours may be necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.
  • Busy working environment with numerous interruptions.

REPORTS TO:  Director of Adult Education

SALARY:  $35,000 – $36,000.  (This is an 11 month position to be paid over 12 months annually)