Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness This spellbinding story is partially based on the historical accounts of the 1937 New London, Texas school explosion although the book and its characters are fictional.
East Texas had many lines no one was to cross under any circumstances, if you did the consequences were dire. A story of teenage love, segregation, race relations and dark forces all come to the forefront. Families, love, hatred, grief all come together around one of the worst school disasters in U.S. history. Even through heartbreak kindness can be found.

The author, Ashley Hope Perez grand praise for her debut from the Kirkus Reviews for her previous book entitled, What Can’t Wait which was included in the American Librarian Association’s Best Fiction for Young Adults in 2012. She also authored The Knife and the Butterfly.

The summary and review were written by Paula Perkins, Library Assistant, Sanchez Library.