What are the library hours?
Follow this link to view here for regular hours for all campuses


Does the library have extended hours before finals?
Yes, the library has extended hours before and during finals week. Please click on the “regular hours for all campus” link for specific dates.



Do I need a library card?
Your valid Navarro College student ID is your library card.


Where do I find books in the library?
Library book location map


What can I check out?
Books in the main collection, e-books, DVDs, or CDs can be checked out.
Nooks are available for check out at Sanchez Library.
Reference books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and items on reserve may be available for use but must remain in the library.


How long can I keep them?
The check-out period for books and Nooks is three weeks; you may renew once.
The check-out period for ebooks varies.  You’ll be offered options to choose from when you complete the check-out process.
The check-out period for DVDs and CDs is one week; you may renew once.


How many items can I check out at a time?
You can check out a total of 10 items at a time, but not more than 5 of those items can be DVDs/CDs.


Are there late fees
Books – $0.25/day, $10 maximum
DVDs & CDs – $0.50/day, $10 maximum
Reserves (24 hour check-out) – $1/day, $10 maximum


What if I lose an item?
You’ll be charged the cost of the item so it can be replaced.  If you happen to find the item later and turn it in, the replacement fee will be refunded to you.


What if I want to check out a book, but I don’t use the Corsicana campus?
The library can provide books to you through our Intercampus Loan service.  All you need to do is complete the online form and submit it.  Your request will be processed and sent to your campus.  Couriers do not go to every campus every day, so allow extra time for this process if you’re working to complete an assignment.


What if I can’t find the book I need in the library catalog?
The library will try to locate the item you need from another library using our Interlibrary Loan service.  Just complete and submit the appropriate form to request a book, article , or audio/visual item you are looking for.  More information about this service is printed on each of these pages.



Does the library have a computer lab?
Sanchez Library operates two computer labs. The Sanchez Lab is inside the library building on the first floor.  The Gooch Lab is located on the lower level of the Gooch One Stop Center.  The libraries on the Mexia, Midlothian, and Waxahachie campuses also have computers for your convenience.


When is the lab open?
Regular hours for the Sanchez and Gooch labs are as follows:

Sanchez Lab
Monday-Thursday:  7:30 am – 9:45 pm
Friday:  7:30 am – 4:45 pm
Saturday:  9:00 am – 12:45 pm
Sunday:  6:00 pm – 9:45 pm

Gooch Lab
Monday-Friday:  8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday:  Closed


The computer labs are frequently reserved by members of the Navarro College faculty and staff for testing and instruction.  At these times, the labs are not available for general use.


So how do I know if a lab is reserved?
Sometimes the labs are reserved well in advance, but sometimes they are reserved as late as one day in advance.  Schedules for Sanchez and Gooch lab closings are updated regularly, but please note that at any given time, the schedule may not include the most recent reservations. For the most up-to-date information, phone the Gooch lab at 903-875-7459 or the Sanchez Library at 903-875-7442. Each morning, a posting indicating any “closures” for the day (for the purposes of testing, etc.) will be placed outside the entrance to each lab.


Are there printers in the labs?
There are printers outside both labs. The Gooch lab has a scanner and a fax machine.


Does the library have wireless access so I can bring my own device?
Yes, the libraries on all four campuses have wireless access.


Can I borrow a laptop?
Sanchez Library on the Corsicana campus loans laptops to students, faculty, and staff for use in the building. The checkout period is four hours.


What if I need the laptop for more than four hours?
Laptops may be renewed if available.


Can I print from a laptop?
Yes, you can print from a laptop you borrowed from the library.  The printer is located in the Copier alcove on the first floor.