The Sanchez Library offers four enclosed spaces for use by study groups.


Two large conference rooms are located on the second floor. Subject to availability, each of these rooms may be reserved for up to two hours by student study groups of five students or more. Please note: since enclosed study spaces in the library are at a premium, if a conference room is not reserved by a student study group, then any free seats in the room may be used by any students.


To reserve one of these conference rooms, please contact the Library Assistant in charge of the library’s front desk at least one day before the date on which you wish to reserve the room.


Two small-group study rooms are available upon request to groups of 2 to 6 students. This room may be reserved for up to two hours. If the group using this room needs additional study time in the room, the reservation may be extended an additional two hours if it has not been requested by another group.


It is not necessary to reserve this room in advance. To reserve this room, please contact the Library Assistant on duty at the front desk on the ground floor.


Phone: 903.875.7442