Alumni Spotlight: Kala Arevalo

Alumni Spotlight: Kala Arevalo

Meet Navarro College graduate Kala Curry Arevalo!

“I was 18-19 years old and knew I wanted to work in the legal field. I began taking classes and then decided I wanted to work in the legal field while I was taking classes. I wanted some experience before I committed to the timely and expensive process that is law school. My professor took the time outside of class to teach additional information and tools I needed to land a job. Thanks to her (Damara Watkins), I was able to get a job starting as a legal assistant at a Law Office in Dallas, Texas. I continued my coursework through Navarro and graduated from the paralegal program. I was able to become a paralegal and secure my job for over ten years, all while completing undergraduate, then law school, and working at the same time.

I am currently a lawyer with Cruz Law Group, P.C. in downtown Dallas, although I practice all over the metroplex (including Navarro and Ellis counties.)

I regularly keep in contact with the coordinator of the paralegal department from when I attended, Damara Watkins, as well as another professor, Susan Hale. Their advice and mentorship has been invaluable. I also keep in contact with a few of my classmates.

As a young college student, everyone experiences hardships. The affordability of Navarro combined with the quality education I received afforded me the opportunity to change my financial circumstances and become independent at a young age.”

Thank you, Kala, for letting Navarro College be part of your journey!