Alumni Spotlight: Karly Tyson

Alumni Spotlight: Karly Tyson


Karly Tyson, BSN, RN a native of Detroit, MI, born in Tuscaloosa, AL, owner of Tyson’s Trucking, LLC, and a current resident of Ellis County. Karly is the wife of Johnnie Tyson, Jr and mother of Alexis Tyson (US Army Soldier) and Heaven Tyson (Waxahachie Global High School student). She received her formal education in the private and public schools of Detroit, MI, where she graduated from Cody High School. She went on to receive her undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Education.

Karly served as an ELA teacher in both Garland and Forney ISD. As an educator, Karly wanted to do more to serve the children struggling with mental illness as she recognized how their disability was many times mistaken for poor behavior. Therefore, Karly decided to obtain a Master’s degree in Counseling and Education Administration from Prairie View A&M University where she served as a School Counselor for Uplift Education. Mrs. Tyson found her calling in mental health and decided to return to school to become a Mental Health Nurse as she felt this population of people are underserved and misunderstood. Karly returned to nursing school at Navarro College, and graduated with her Associates Degree in Nursing. While in nursing school Karly worked part-time as a student nurse at the Veterans Hospital in Dallas, where she found her confirmation on her career change to become a mental health nurse. Therefore, she decided to further her nursing career by obtaining her BSN in nursing from The University of Texas at Arlington. Karly worked as a medical/surgical nurse for years to master her nursing skills, before transferring to mental health. Mrs. Tyson currently serves as a Mental Health Nurse at the Veterans Hospital Dallas. Karly is passionate about caring for others, and she feels she was “born to be a nurse.”

Karly monitored the severity of COVID-19 for many weeks, and knew it was where she was supposed to be; however, fear took over her. She then began to think of the courage of her daughter who is a soldier in the US Army and decided she also had the courage to serve on the frontline to assist her comrades who were in desperate need of help. Karly was well aware of the risk associated with this deployment, but did not hesitate. No one in her family agreed in her taking on the dangerous task, but supported her and covered her in prayer. Karly along with many other nurses from around the country is now in New York working extended days and nights to give the nurses of New York some relief as they suffer from mental and physical burnout, and the virus.  Karly states “my faith in God is what gets me through. Initially I kept trying to talk myself out of it, and God kept telling me to GO; therefore, I went and I am happy I did. While here, I have had some tough days and one day recently I became a bit overwhelmed and I received a message from a family member that simply read “Psalms 91”. She read the chapter and realized how much it resonated with her current situation! The next morning when she arrived at her duty station, she received a prayer cloth from an anonymous person that simply read “Psalms 91”. This was her confirmation that she was going to be ok. Her fear was relieved and she knows that God will protect her and bring her back home to her family healthy and safe.  “All I could think is what if that was us in Texas. COVID-19 is really bad, however, I believe there is some good that comes out of every situation. During this time God proved us all to be equal, he stripped us of all of the materialistic things that we praise instead of him, families are spending quality time together, education and worship is taking place in the home as it should. God is in control and he has us cradled in his arms; in his time, everything will be alright.”

We are so proud of you and the work you’re doing, Karly! Thank you for letting Navarro College be part of your amazing journey.

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Martin Luther King Jr.