Alumni Spotlight: Tempi Briggs

Alumni Spotlight: Tempi Briggs


Tempi Briggs


“I married right out of high school and had children so I put college on hold. I started at Navarro around 1992 but stopped just short of my Associate’s degree when I became pregnant with child number three. In 2006 when my youngest started middle school, I decided it was time to finish my education. Navarro was nearby and made it possible to get my degree completed without having to travel. I graduated from Navarro and then transferred to the University of North Texas to complete my Bachelor’s degree. Without the access I had at Navarro, I couldn’t have gotten my degree. The Caston scholarship paved the way for me to get my bachelors.

As a non-traditional student, I think the biggest impact was just the fact that it was available to me. Navarro was very reasonable from a cost perspective and I had friends that were professors that helped me when I needed a boost. Brenda Reed worked out with me at the Y so I could complete my PE class requirements. Shari Beck helped me when I needed more detailed explanations in my math classes.

I knew that I had to keep a high GPA because I needed to get scholarship money. We didn’t have the money to pay for my Bachelor’s degree. The Graduate Caston scholarship and the Texas Transfer scholarship were game-changers. Without those, I couldn’t have gone on to UNT because the distance made it unreasonable to attend part-time and I couldn’t afford to go full time without the scholarships.

I think community college is an awesome way to gain your education and it’s a smaller environment for students to get acclimated to college. I was very efficient with my time on campus and did many of my classes online. I highly recommend it and in fact all of my children attended Navarro at some point.”


Currently, I am a CPA working at Navarro County Electric Cooperative. I have plans to begin working on my MBA in Strategic Management from UNT in January. My hope is that I will be able to teach business and accounting classes at the community college level.


“He who has a why can bear almost any how.” -Nietzche

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