Alumni Spotlight: Colby Cottongame

Alumni Spotlight: Colby Cottongame


Dr. Colby Cottongame

“I was born and raised in Palmer, TX and graduated in 2010. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play baseball at Navarro College and didn’t think twice about where I would spend my first two years of college.

I owe everything to my time spent at Navarro. Navarro baseball is a brotherhood that is unlike anything else I know of. Two years goes by so fast but it bonds you so closely with each guy you played with and with other players from other eras. It was a time where I really grew up and learned a lot about who I was and I wouldn’t trade those years for the world. I wish Navarro was a four-year school. I am thankful for all of the opportunities that Navarro College provided me to succeed. I truly believe it is where I learned the value of hard work!

I will always praise Navarro College. It was the best decision I ever made and I am a big supporter of community colleges in general. An 18-20 year-old kid most of the time will have no idea where they want their path to lead and community college is an awesome environment to grow up and figure out where the next step should be.”

Dr. Stringer was an amazing mentor for me. He was so supportive during my time in Corsicana and still to this day. He was a major part of my journey to where I am. Whoa Dill was an incredible coach to play for and someone I count as a good friend to this day and all of my faculty were great as well. Mrs. Dillman was excellent through all of my science pre-requisites.

I am now a general dentist about to start practicing at Ellis County Family Dentistry in Waxahachie. I recently graduated dental school at UT Health in San Antonio and am really excited to be coming back home.


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