Message from the Mayor

Message from the Mayor


Navarro College – End of Year Update

December 10, 2019

Dear Citizens:

This time of year is busy for everyone, but none more so than college students pushing to the semester finish line with study groups, final exams, and holiday travel plans.

I’ve been watching some of the social media at Navarro College, and I’m impressed with the level of engagement this institution creates to keep their students active, focused, successful and healthy. They focus on the first word of community college, by creating a community for them. There is always something scheduled and ways to connect. Many students at Navarro College don’t have a car – and with all events on campus, students can participate in the many activities. Here are just a few events, activities and social media messages that took place over the last two months:

• Each week a Monday Motivation message goes out, and during final exam preparations, Study Tips help students make the most of their study time. This seems like such a simple thing but these reminders are accurately timed when students need them the most.

• A first-class Health Center opened on campus, and coordinated Blood Drives take place around campus. Thanks to Navarro Regional Hospital for partnering with Navarro College.

• Sports team send-off and welcome home events create excitement, including the Navarro College Girls Volleyball National Champion return. They were also featured in the Corsicana Christmas Parade.

• The Symphonic Wind Ensemble performed; Dr. Shelley O’Neal’s one-woman show brought tears to everyone during a special Veteran’s Day where sports teams attended; and Navarro College Cheer led off in the Heritage Bowl Pep Rally last week.

• Students were reminded of World Kindness Day, and another day, had a special visit by Columbine Survivor Crystal Miller.

• There was a free lunch for Commuter Appreciation Day, and free Donuts for Finals.

• Navarro College students celebrated the 20th Anniversary partnership with Texas A & M University.

• Sprinkled here and there are free movie nights and hot chocolate stations this season, special meals and a canned food drive for the less fortunate.

• Student achievements were celebrated each week through positive social media messages.

• Beau turned 1, launched the new Beauville event, and was an excellent still-model for drawing class during his nap.

Students attending this campus are lucky to have a faculty committed to their full success. Their mission is “not simply a degree, but a career.” While achieving this the College demonstrates ways our community embraces them, and teaches them the importance of giving back. Navarro College is just one more reason to feel grateful this season, and admiration goes to every faculty member who strives to connect with their students in meaningful and lasting ways.

Don Denbow
City of Corsicana

SOURCE: City of Corsicana – Message from the Mayor