Navarro College Welcomes New President

Navarro College Welcomes New President

Dr. Kevin Fegan, the new Navarro College president, is excited for the opportunity to work within the college and the community. Daily Sun photo/Sierrah Sowell

‘Different tomorrow than we are today’: Navarro College welcomes new president

Corsicana Daily Sun
By Sierrah Sowell
July 14, 2018

After a long and outstanding career as a coach, educator and public speaker, Dr. Kevin Fegan is the new president of Navarro College in Corsicana. Fegan will be the eight district president appointed by the colleges board of trustees.

Fegan is bringing his ideals to the college as a way to look toward expansion of a vision of a better tomorrow. A typical day for Fegan is spent outside of his office, either working on an agenda with his staff or socializing with the students on campus. He wants to be involved in every aspect of the college.

“I have four expectations for my workplace,” Fegan said. “Vision that works as a mission for the values we uphold, to be professional, to have an open form of communication between my staff and myself and to remember that we are a team.”

Fegan looks forward to his job at Navarro and has goals in mind for the campus to be nationally recognized as an institution for higher education.

As an educator and a president Fegan wants to focus on the individual needs of students. “Tell me what you need,” Fegan said, “So I can take the education to the learner and meet those needs.”

Fegan is happily married to his wife, Lizabeth Fegan, with whom he shares three children; Katelyn, Khloe and Kasey. All three of his children are Navarro College alumni and are pursing their own individual careers stemming from the college.

When asked what he likes to do in his free time, Fegan said he enjoys spending time with his wife, either hiking, biking or kayaking. He spends time with his three children and loves to be engaged and active as he can’t stand just staying still. Fegan looks forward to spending time within the community and being an active participant in activities in an outside of Navarro.

As far as his favorite food goes, Fegan said, “Hands down my wife’s lasagna and her strawberry shortcake.” Fegan also enjoys Blue Bell ice-cream, which he got his first taste of in 2003 when he moved to Texas.

Whenever Fegan thinks of his favorite movie, “The Sandlot,” it reminds him of the exact way he grew up in Michigan and how his childhood was in a neighborhood full of friends.

“If anyone ever asks what my life was like growing up, I just tell them to watch ‘The Sandlot’ and that is exactly how it was” he said.

His favorite band is Hootie and the Blowfish and his favorite color is, of course, Navarro red.

Fegan plans to implement innovative pathways for a career that is based upon student-centered learning. Creating a plan for each individual student helps to set them up for success and to achieve goals.

“I want to show that while the college is amazing, it is evolving,” Fegan said. “We always want to strive to be different tomorrow than we were today.”



SOURCE: Corsicana Daily Sun