Student Spotlight: Ezequiel Lozano, Class of 2019

Student Spotlight: Ezequiel Lozano, Class of 2019

Meet Mr. Ezequiel Lozano! We are shining a spotlight on Ezequiel because he is a first-generation college student who will earn his college degree before receiving his High School diploma.

Background: Coolidge High School 2019 Graduate

“At the age of 15, I decided to pursue my goal of becoming the first individual in my immediate family to attend college and graduate with an Associate’s degree, while in high school, from Coolidge ISD; it was a goal that my parents, who immigrated from Mexico, envisioned for me. I am an individual that has always been unique — in every possible way– personally, as well as how I observe the world. Navarro College, through the guidance of the staff at the South Campus, taught me many attributes such as confidence, self-dependence, and responsibility. Navarro College created an aspect of Leadership that will be so important in the future. I aspire to become a man of great impact in the lives of many individuals like myself; individuals who are destined to change the world.”

Future plans: He plans to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at The University of Texas at Austin. His inspiration to pursue this major originated in the fear and pain that he endured in seeing his mother suffer from every breath she took. After obtaining this degree, he will pursue a master’s program as a Physician Assistant. As a Physician Assistant, he will have the ability to assist various organizations that offer healthcare to individuals who cannot afford the exorbitant rates. He also aspires to create a local non-profit organization that will accommodate the poor in health, spirit, and mind in the need of healthcare.


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