Student Spotlight: Rachell Payne, Class of 2019

Student Spotlight: Rachell Payne, Class of 2019

Meet Ms. Rachell Payne! We are shining a spotlight on Rachell because despite her personal struggles, she has shown incredible love, dedication, and passion for finishing her nursing program at NC.

Background: Has been married for 10 years to Brandon and has a five-year-old daughter, Aubree. Her husband works overseas in Baghdad, Iraq and only gets to come home every six months.

Hometown: Corsicana, Texas

Why She Chose Navarro College: 
🔺Nursing program is top notch and known for its success rate and wonderful education
🔺Close to home and many family connections to NC

“My father, Steve, announces for NC football, my brother Jake plays baseball here, and I have had family members obtain their education from Navarro. NC has made a HUGE impact on my life. My instructors in the past have taken the time to help me succeed, whether it’s been a one-on-one meeting to help guide my studying for an exam or taking the extra time to make sure I get what I need. They truly care and go above and beyond to educate! After orientation for the ADN program in June 2017, my mother was placed on hospice care for brain cancer. Two weeks after classes started in our program, my mother passed away after a two year battle with brain cancer. I promised her that I would finish this program strong and here I am weeks away from graduating and becoming a registered nurse! If I can do this with a husband 9,000 miles away and keep chasing that finish line even after the loss of my mom, all while raising a child, anyone can do this! Don’t let anything stand in your way.”

Future plans: Pass her NCLEX, find a job in a hospital or surgery center, get her Bachelors degree in nursing and eventually her Masters in hopes of one day being an educator at Navarro for the ADN program and become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

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