Student Spotlight: Stephanie Roman-Aguilar

Student Spotlight: Stephanie Roman-Aguilar

Meet Stephanie Roman-Aguilar, a 2020 Navarro College graduate!

“I grew up in Corsicana and graduated from Corsicana High School in 2018. While in high school I did Athletic Training and soon fell in love with it. I decided to stay close to home and attend Navarro since I had the opportunity to get a scholarship to be an Athletic Trainer. I have been an Athletic Trainer for two years now and I have been or covered at least every sport! I was with the volleyball team this year when they won Nationals as #1! I was there to experience when football won the Conference Championship. This semester I was assigned to baseball and I was so sad when their season was ended early due to the Coronavirus outbreak. They were such an amazing team I knew they would have a great season. They were definitely going to get me that second national championship in the same year! I looked forward to a lot of things and Navarro is one thing I will always cherish because they were the best two years! I met so many amazing people from literally all over the world. Navarro brings the best memories that when it’s time to go, you’re not ready for it. Once you become a bulldog you are always a bulldog!!

While being at Navarro I can truly say they have the best staff! The professors are willing to help and stayed extra when I needed help. My head Athletic Trainers would always take the time to teach me and honestly I have learned more and have felt more confident about the skills I have been shown. They have been patient with me when I kept second-guessing myself. The coaching staff has been amazing as well. The football coaches have always made football practice more interesting. I want to thank Coach Podjenski, Coach Doe, and Coach Williams who had patience with me when we didn’t have a Head Trainer and would still trust me to be there during practice. I want to thank them because being without a mentor really tested my knowledge in what I knew. Coach Cavins pushed me hard; he knew my value and saw the best in me. I later realized the few talks he gave me would prove beneficial later on. He taught me to be confident in myself and to speak up. He saw my value and he helped me embrace it. I am so appreciative of that.

Plans after graduation:  I will be going to Texas A&M Commerce to pursue my Bachelor’s in Nursing. I will also be in their Athletic Training program. After that, I plan to go to SFA to get my Masters in Sports Medicine.

My favorite memory was when the Volleyball team won Nationals in Kansas while staying undefeated! That is a feeling that will never go away! I love and will cherish the team forever! They will always be my girls!

To all upcoming and future Bulldogs enjoy every moment and cherish every memory and all the friendships you make. Those are the ones that will last forever!”

Thank you for letting Navarro College be part of your journey, Stephanie! We wish you much success as you continue your educational career!