Virtual College of Texas

The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaborative of all two-year Texas community and technical colleges. VCT assists you in working with Navarro College to:


Get the courses you need if they are not available at Navarro College at the time you need to take the classes.  You register with the Navarro College VCT Coordinator for online courses in the VCT Course Schedule that are provided by other Texas community colleges. While you receive instruction provided by other colleges, you remain as Navarro College’s student in every way. We provide the same level of support and services just like any other courses offered on campus.


If you are interested in an online degree or certificate listed on the VCT website, contact the Navarro College VCT Coordinator, Matt Miller. If the online program is available here, you start and finish the program at the institution. If the program is offered by another college, however, you may start the program here and then transfer to the other college to finish it – with Navarro College’s assistance and support through the entire process.


How to Enroll in a VCT course:


Find the course you need in the VCT Course Schedule

1. Contact Navarro College VCT Coordinator, Matt Miller at 903.875.7422.

2. Follow instructions given by the VCT Coordinator.