What Are Developmental Courses?

[space px=-20]Developmental education courses are designed to improve your academic skills in the areas of reading, writing and math and are offered through the PASS Department at Navarro College.  The results of the placement exam will determine your need for developmental courses. The grades earned in developmental courses do not calculate in your overall grade point average.

Academic Advising

[space px=-20]New students must take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) test upon admission to the College. If you do not test into college level coursework, you must participate in developmental education in reading, writing and/or math in order to meet institutional academic prerequisites. Students must also receive academic advising prior to registration until successful completion of the developmental education program or until students re-test out of developmental education. The counselors and advisors at NC will assist you in understanding which developmental courses must be completed to meet your degree requirements.

Texas Success Initiative

[space px=-20]The Texas Success Initiative requires testing, remediation and advising of all students who attend a public college or university in Texas. The program assesses a student’s ability to perform effectively in college-level course work.

The developmental education programs include the following areas:  Students who do not meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college-readiness standards are advised to enroll in developmental courses. Developmental courses are designed to provide instruction in Reading, Writing and Math which give students the necessary competencies to be successful in college.  Students requiring developmental courses due to TSI test results must maintain satisfactory progress as measured by grades of A, B or C.  Developmental courses will be limited to a total of 30 credit hours.

  • [space px=-20]Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

Developmental education courses provide a supportive environment for students to transition academically from a secondary (high school) institution to a college or university.

Integrated reading and writing teaches the critical reading and academic writing skills students need to comprehend and interact with college-level texts and to produce original college-level writing, in standard written English, through the processes of generating ideas, drafting, organizing, revising, and editing. Beginning Fall 2015 all developmental courses in reading and writing will be combined into two levels of integrated reading and writing (IRW):

  • [space px=-20]IRW 0302 – Integrated Reading and Writing I
  • IRW 0305 – Integrated Reading and Writing II

The Developmental Math program helps students strengthen their basic mathematical skills in preparation for college-level mathematics courses. There are three levels of developmental math courses offered:

  • [space px=-20]MTH 0302 – Essentials of Mathematics I
  • MTH 0305 – Developmental Math I
  • MTH 0306 – Developmental Math II

Students who complete developmental courses demonstrate their dedication to being successful college students because they take the time to develop and refine critical college success skills.


Terry Peterman

[space px=-20]Dean of Math and Sciences
Office:  DH115
Phone: (903) 875-7419
Email: terry.peterman@navarrocollege.edu
M.A., Texas A&M University – Commerce
B.A., Texas A&M University – Commerce

Terry Peterman has served as Dean of Math and Science since June of 2014. He comes to Navarro College from El Centro College in the Dallas County Community College District where he served as English Developmental Writing faculty. He has 13 years teaching Developmental Writing and English at the University level in various roles.

He received his Bachelor of Arts and Master’s of Arts degrees from Texas A&M University – Commerce where he received the Houghton Mifflin Award for Best Master’s student in 2005. He is currently working toward his Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition at Texas Christian University. his dissertation explores the intersections of writing, democracy, and the public sphere with a specific emphasis on reshaping writing pedagogy to meet the needs of the 21st century student.

Mr. Peterman has passion for helping students at Navarro College succeed, and accomplish their educational goals. He looks forward to working with students, instructors, and administrators to help Navarro College students obtain the education, skills, and training required to become the future leaders of tomorrow. [space px=”-10″]

Amy Young

[space px=”-20″]Office: WCB 109
Phone: (903) 875-7524
M.S., Texas State University
B.S., Southwest Texas State University[space px=”20″]

Justin Williams

[space px=”-20″]Associate Professor, Integrated Reading and Writing
Office: WCB 107
Phone:  (903) 875-7499
M.ED., Harding University
B.A., Harding University[space px=”20″]

Brandon Ford

[space px=”-20″]Department Chair, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: WCB 104
Phone:  (903) 875-7521
Email: brandon.ford@navarrocollege.edu
M.S., Baylor University
B.A., Tarleton State University

[space px=”20″]

Wayne Humphrey

[space px=”-20″]Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: WCB 105
Phone:  (903) 875-7522
Email: wayne.humphrey@navarrocollege.edu
M.A., Western Governors University
B.A., Sul Ross State University