Attendance and Academic Requirements

IV.05.01   Satisfactory Attendance and Academic Progress Requirements for Residence Life

The Navarro College Board of Trustees has adopted the following requirements for all students residing in residence halls. The intent of this policy is to ensure success for students during the semester. The fifteen semester credit hour (15 SCH) minimum enrollment is designed to allow students to maintain twelve semester credit hours (12 SCH) so that students may continue to be eligible to reside in the residence hall and maintain financial aid eligibility if it becomes necessary to drop a course.


Enrollment in 15 SCH while Maintaining 12 SCH

All students living in residence halls are required to and enroll in at least fifteen (15) semester credit hours and maintain twelve (12) semester credit hours during the sixteen-week fall and spring semesters. Enrollment in at least three (3) semester credit hours is required for residents enrolled in a mini-semester, and six (6) semester credit hours for the summer term(s).  At least six (6) semester credit hours is required for residents enrolled in an 8-week fall/spring term. This policy is effective Fall 2007 for first semester freshmen, Spring 2008 for first and second semester freshmen, and Fall 2008 for all students living in residence halls.


Attendance Requirement

All Residence Life students will be monitored to assure that they are in strict compliance with the Navarro College Attendance Policy as cited in the Navarro Catalog. “Excessive absenteeism is defined as being equivalent to two (2) weeks of instruction in a sixteen (16) week semester.”


At the end of the fifth, eighth and tenth week of classes, the faculty will be required to submit a listing of students with excessive absenteeism or not attending classes (exceptions to this policy will be excused absence due to athletic competition, illness verified by medical doctor, or excused absence by the faculty member). This attendance report will be administered by the Vice President of Student Services and a copy of the report will be provided to the Student Financial Aid Office and the Residence Life Office.


Students residing in residence halls who are in non-compliance with this policy will be given one warning commensurate with the first offense. Students will be informed they are subject to removal from the residence life at the College with one additional occurrence. Notice of the second unexcused absence will result in the student being dismissed from the Navarro College Residence Life Program.


The Vice President of Student Services will require all Residence Life students not attending class or with excessive absences to move out of the residence hall within 48 hours.


Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement

Upon entrance to the Residence Life/Housing Program, each resident is required to have a minimum GPA of 1.75 or higher for their first semester. Thereafter, all residents are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher to return the following semester to the Residence Life/Housing program.


Course Load Requirement

Students residing in residence halls must ensure that their course load includes at least two-thirds traditional lecture/laboratory form with face-to-face teacher-student relationship in a classroom on one of the Navarro College campus sites. This face-to-face teacher-student relationship must prevail throughout the full sixteen week semester. Exceptions to this policy will be approved by the Vice President of Student Services.


Students who fail to meet this requirement two consecutive semesters will not be permitted to continue as a resident student living on campus. If the student course load fails to meet this requirement at nay time during a long semester and the student has been permitted to participate in the residence life program, the student will be removed from the residence life program within one-week following notice in violation of College policy.


The Residence Life Department strives to provide a suitable environment for all residents during their stay on the Navarro College campus. The purpose of this policy is to nurture residents and to support their academic progress during their enrollment at Navarro College.


The policies will be administered by the Vice President of Student Services. Any appeals or exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Residence Life Appeals Committee composed of the Director of Residence Life, the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services, the Director of Student Activities, a student representing the Student Government Association and a faculty member appointed by the Faculty Association Executive Committee.

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