Housing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Housing?

Be admitted to Navarro College and submit a Residence Hall application that includes the Student Code of Conduct, and Release of Background Information.  A copy of an immunization record showing the date of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccine is required, along with a copy of a Drivers license or State ID.  A $230 refundable deposit, along with a $10 Background Check fee, is also required to complete the application process.


Can I get my deposit back if I change my mind about attending Navarro and living on campus?

Yes, it must be before August 1st for the Fall semester, and December 1st for the Spring semester.  When you check out of the Residence Halls for the final time, you will fill out paperwork enabling you to have your deposit refunded.  As long as a resident does not have any disciplinary holds, no property damage, checks out properly, and/or cancels prior to the deadline, the deposit will be refunded.


What is the earliest that I can submit my Residence Life application, along with my deposit?

The Residence Life/Housing Department is always accepting Residence Hall applications prior to the upcoming semester.


Can I choose my roommate?

Students can request a roommate on their Housing application and the Residence Life Department will try to accommodate each request, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.


Can I get a private room?

Private rooms are not available within the Navarro College Residence Life Program. 


When will I know which Residence Hall I have been assigned and who my roommate will be?

Fall room assignments are mailed out the second week in August; Spring room assignments are mailed out the second week in January.


How are Residence Hall and roommate assignments made?

Room assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis, and based on the date the Housing application and deposit are received.  The office of Residence Life/Housing strives to honor specific roommate requests.  Students making specific roommate requests should submit their applications and deposits early and simultaneously with the student with whom they wish to room with.  Residence Life/Housing attempts to meet all roommate requests, but unfortunately is not able to grant every request.


Can I change roommates or residence halls once I arrive?

Residents are required to wait 10 days after the first day of class in order to request a roommate or residence hall change.  Room or hall changes are granted based on availability of space.


Who will be in charge of the Residence Hall?

Each Residence Hall has an Area Coordinator and a Resident Advisor.  Area Coordinators are professional staff members that live in the Residence Halls among the students and are responsible for 120 to 150 residents.  The Area Coordinator is responsible for supervising student staff and the daily management of the Residence Life areas.

Resident Advisors live among the residents as well, and are responsible for creating programs and peer counseling in their living areas.  The Residence Life staff provides assistance to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What is the difference between an Area Coordinator and a Resident Advisor?

Area Coordinators are professional staff members who oversee the Residence Halls.  Resident Advisors are student staff who can help guide students to get any help they may need while living on campus.


If I have problems in my Residence Hall room, what should I do?

You are encouraged to contact your Area Coordinator.  You can also contact the Residence Life cell phone at 903-654-2778 for any reason.  If you need additional assistance or information you can also contact the Residence Life office between 8:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday at 903-875-7541, and we will assist you in finding answers to help solve your problem.


Are the Residence Halls safe?

We make every effort to create a safe, living environment for all residents.  The Residence Life staff (Area Coordinators) is trained to monitor and report various safety concerns.  Emergency procedures are addressed each semester with the residents.  Residents are required to have their doors/windows locked at all times, whether they are in their room or whether they are away.


What is the deadline to cancel my room reservation?

Fall semester:  August 1st is the deadline to cancel your room reservation if you wish to have your deposit refunded.

Spring semester:  December 1st if the deadline to cancel your room reservation if you wish to have your deposit refunded.

Summer I & II:  May 10th is the deadline to cancel your room reservation if you wish to have your deposit refunded.


Are pets allowed in the Residence Life areas (halls)?

Pets are not allowed in any of the Navarro College Residence Halls.


Does Navarro College sell insurance for property lost or damaged within the Residence Halls?

No, but we strongly recommend contacting your insurance company on this issue.  The College is not responsible for any damage, theft, or other actions to your personal property.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to protect his/her personal belongings.


Can I smoke in my room?

No. All Residence Life facilities and outside areas are smoke free.  Smoking is allowed only in designated areas on campus.  Please see a Resident Life staff member for more information.


How many semester hours are required in order to move into College housing?

Each student must be enrolled in a minimum of 15 credit hours before being allowed to move in to College housing.  Residents must maintain 12 semester hours during the semester to remain in Housing.


If I decide to move out/check out of the Residence Life/Housing program, do I get a refund of the room/board charges?

The room and board payment is broken up into two parts; the room portion, which is non-refundable, and the board portion (meals) which is refundable back to the Resident.  The board portion (meals) is pro-rated, and the cost of all uneaten meals is refunded.

Please understand that once a student moves into the Residence Halls and becomes a resident, they are obligated to the full cost of the room portion of the room/board charges.


What is the disciplinary point system?

The Disciplinary Point System has proven to be an effective method for us to hold the residents accountable for their actions.  It has also shown a record of fairness in handling discipline issues.  Each Navarro College Residence Life/Housing violation has points associated with it, and Residents have a right to dispute any violation.  Please feel free to view our Residence Life/Housing Student Handbook on line at www.navarrocollege.edu under the Campus Life link, then the Residence Life link.


What actions can lead to automatic removal from the Residence Life Program?

Certain acts, but not limited to assault, drugs, drug paraphernalia, theft, weapons, threats, and bullying.


Are residents allowed to gather and hang outside of their Residence Hall?

Navarro College has a loitering policy that requires all residents to either be inside their residence hall, campus building, or off campus after 10:00 p.m. at night.  Quiet hours begin each night at 10:00 p.m.  Groups of six (6) or more are not allowed.  If you have questions please a Resident Life staff member.


Is there a curfew on campus?

No, there is not a curfew.  Residents are allowed to come and go freely, but are not allowed to gather outside or hang out after 10:00 p.m.


What is the visitation policy?

The visitation policy outlines when guests are allowed to visit on-campus residents.  Please see the Residence Life Handbook on-line at www.navarrocollege.edu under the Campus Life link, then the Residence Life link.


Will I have room checks each week?

Room inspections are conducted weekly by a professional staff member.

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