Housing Standards

Navarro College Residence Life/Housing is committed to promoting positive behavior and expects others to behave in ways that are demonstrated by our community. We believe that we are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior and fully accountable for our actions. We must take initiative and responsibility for our own learning and awareness of the differences that exist in our community and avoid all actions that can negatively impact others. We are committed to these principles that are an integral part of our purpose, values and daily activities.


Please read the list of policies and procedures. If you have any questions about the following policies, please feel free to contact the Residence Life/Housing Office and visit with a professional staff member.


Disciplinary Point System – all Residence Life violations are assessed by the Disciplinary Point System. If a resident accumulates any combination of six disciplinary points in one academic year, he/she will be removed from the Residence Life program for no less than one academic year.


Loitering in the Residence Life area after 10 p.m. is not allowed seven days a week. Quiet hours begin at 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. and are intended to give residents a period of solitude each day in order to rest and study. Quiet hours can be enforced at any time when deemed necessary.


Identification Cards (I.D.’s) must be carried at all times and readily shown at the request of any college official.


Inspection of residents’ rooms will be performed at least twice a month.


Visitation hours are between 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday and 10 a.m. – 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Anyone in the opposite sex’s area after the designated time will be subject to disciplinary points.


Smoking is not allowed in the Residence Life/Housing area.


Illegal drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus.


Physical and verbal abuse will not be tolerated toward any person on college property.


All residents are expected to comply with the reasonable request of a college official; failure to do so could lead to disciplinary action.

Noise that disturbs others at any time may be deemed a noise violation and could lead to disciplinary action.


All exterior doors or doors with a dead bolt in a Residence Hall must be closed and locked at all times.


All residents are required to be enrolled in at least fifteen (15) semester credit hours and maintain twelve (12) semester credit hours throughout the semester.


There is an Attendance Requirement for all Residence Life students, in which all residents (students) are monitored to help ensure that they are in strict compliance with the Navarro College Attendance Policy.


Mandatory Meetings will be held throughout the semester. They are held to inform residents of important information. They are usually held at the beginning, middle and end of each semester. Each resident must attend or a $25 fine will be assessed.

Gibson Hall Student Center
3200 W. 7th Avenue
Corsicana, TX 75110

Phone: (903) 875-7541
Fax: (903) 875-7680
Email:  housing@navarrocollege.edu