The OneStop Service Desk is Navarro College’s focal point for student inquiries regarding any aspect of services and facilities provided by the College departments, including questions about financial aid and the registration process. We also deal with service disruptions, or incidents and problems, keeping the user community informed and providing reports to the relevant College departments. The purpose of the One-Stop Service Desk is to receive inquiries and make successful resolutions.


When you contact the Service Desk, students will be required to furnish their ID number or full date of birth, contact number, and a valid email address.  Depending on the request, students contacting the Service Desk by telephone may be required to provide further information to verify their identity.

Sometimes it may be easier to take a screenshot of the problem, for example, if an error code is displayed. Rather than trying to describe the error message over the phone, you can press the ‘Print Screen’ key at the top right of your keyboard, copy it into an email and send it to the Service Desk at


The OneStop Service Desk provides support via telephone, email, and in person in the GOOCH One Stop Student Center. The office is located in the basement, room 110.

Telephone:     903.875.7416
Location:        Corsicana Campus, GOOCH One Stop Student Center, Room 110 (basement)
Hours:            Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m



You can access MyNC directly at, by clicking on the MyNC link on the Navarro College website, or through the Navarro College Mobile App (available through the AppStore or Google Play).


To login, use the following:

1. Go to

2. Your MyNC login username is:

– firstname.lastname (lowercase)

– Example: jane.doe

3. Your default password is in the format: NcYYYYSSSS!

Example: If you were born in 1980 and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number is 1234
Password would be: Nc19801234!


Note: Students who do not have a Social Security Number (i.e., some International students) will use the last 4 digits of their Navarro College Student ID Number.


For other login and password resets, please go to MyNC for instructions.


We would like to bring you all up to date on the upcoming migration from Gmail to Office 365. Current Summer 2018 students will be migrated first and students up to Fall 2016 will be uploaded in groups to the Office 365 system over the next few days.


Log In Information for Office 365

1. Log into

2. From Campus Applications choose Student Web Mail.

3. You will still use your current e-mail address as your login name ( ) but your new password will be in this format NcYYYYSSSS! . Jon was born in 1988 and the last four of his social is 8346, so his password would be Nc19888346!


Impact On Current Gmail Users:

As we migrate users, we will be changing your current password to the previous system default in the YYYYSSSS format. We ask that you do not change this password until the conversion process has completed which will be Monday May 21st.  This password change will on affect users that are being migrated. All other users will not have their passwords changed.


Should you need assistance with your account, please contact our One Stop Service Desk at 903-875-7416 or .


Navarro College has installed WEPA (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) stations on all campuses.  These print stations will allow you to print dual sided as well as color pages.  You will be able to send your document to the WEPA cloud and print it at any WEPA print station on campus.  You can print directly from your Canvas account, Office365 account, One-Drive, Google Docs, a USB drive, etc.   You can download the print driver to your home computer and send your documents to the WEPA cloud and print them on campus; go to to download the driver.  Please read the WEPA brochure ( to learn more.  If you have any questions please email  Your document will available for printing for 6 days, after 6 days from when you send the document it will be deleted from the WEPA cloud.



The cost for printing is as follows:

10 cents ($.10) for single sided black and white

15 cents ($.15) for dual sided black and white

25 cents ($.25) for single sided color

40 cents ($.40) for dual sided color


When you print from any workstation either here on campus or at home you need to know that there are four (4) Wepa print drivers to choose from – Wepa BW, Wepa BW two-sided, Wepa Color and Wepa Color two-sided.  You need to select the correct printer depending on how you want your document to print – the default is Wepa BW two-sided.  However, if you have a 10-page document and you want the first page to print in color then you need to use Wepa Color for just the first page and then Wepa BW two-sided for pages 2-10 – when you get to the Wepa station you will see 2 documents – the color page and the rest of the document.


The college is pre-loading your account with an initial amount of free printing and after that you will need to use a credit card to print.  We are working on allowing you to put money on a virtual account in the bookstore or going to the cashier and putting money on your Navarro Dinero; this process should be completed before Fall semester.  You will know the cost of printing before you select to print.



The WEPA printers are in the following buildings:

Mexia – 1 in each building for a total of 2

Waxahachie – 1 in each building for a total of 4

Midlothian – 1 in building for a total 2

Corsicana – Waller, AB, Gibson, Library, CS, Bain, Gooch bottom floor for a total of 7


You can either swipe your ID badge to print your documents or log into the WEPA station using the same username and password you use to log into computers on campus.   There is a help button in the lower right corner of the touch screen on the Print Stations if you need assistance.  If the Print Station you want to use is down for maintenance a campus map will appear on the screen and show you were other Print Stations are located.

Contact Information

Navarro College
GOOCH OneStop Service Desk, Room 110

3200 W. 7th Avenue

Corsicana, Texas 75110


Phone: 903.875.7416



OneStop Service Desk Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m.