The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed counselors who provide brief counseling, assessment, referral, and crisis intervention services to currently-enrolled Navarro College students.


The Navarro College Counseling Center is free, confidential, and available to all enrolled NC students.


While attending college, students encounter a myriad of transitions in their lives. Issues that arise may include the following: independent living, college life issues, independent study, forming new relationships, identity crises, depression or anxiety, and/or time management difficulties. Often, professional assistance can help in easing the transition into college life.


Navarro College employs counselors on the Corsicana campus to provide guidance services to students with personal issues such as relationship problems, anger management, communication skills, and coping skills. Please note that all services are confidential and off-campus mental health referrals may be necessary.

Due to the coronavirus, the Counseling Center will provide confidential counseling sessions online through video conferencing or via telephone.


Remember, if you have an immediate crisis on or off campus, you can call 911; dorm residents should dial 9-911, or for campus security, you may dial 903.875.7500.


Here are some of the services the Counseling Center can provide:

– Crisis Counseling

– Short-tem Counseling

– Group Counseling

– Mental Health & Medication Referrals

– Druge & Alcohol Assessment & Education

– Drug & Alcohol Referrals

– Life-skills Training

– Mentor Referrals




Navarro College has two online programs available to students who are interested in examining their relationship with alcohol and/or marijuana. By taking Alcohol eCheckup or Marijuana eCheckup, students can learn more about their own substance use habits, compare their behaviors to those of their peers, and helpful campus resources. Both programs are free and available to students 24/7.


Take eCheckup TO GO (Alcohol)


Take eCheckup TO GO (Marijuana)


By answering a series of questions about interests, behaviors, norms, eCheckup creates a profile that includes a student’s drinking pattern, a comparison report to other people of similar age and gender, a personalized blood alcohol content chart, as well as an estimation of the amount of money you spend on alcohol annually.


Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) is a program designed to inform and educate students as it pertains to dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence.


Take eCheckup TO GO (Sexual Violence Prevention)