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Are you planning to transfer on to a four-year university after graduating from Navarro College? Our academic advisors can help you!

University Catalogs and Applications

All Navarro College counselors and advisors maintain our students’ most commonly used university catalogs and applications on file. Some catalogs obtained in surplus can be checked out. Still, students are encouraged to search the Internet for the most up-to-date college information and for catalogs of their own.


The State of Texas has moved to a common application for use at any public university in the state. To obtain a Texas Common Application from the Internet or for guidance in filling out the application, click on Navarro College counselors are available to assist students with these applications.

Information about Transferability of Courses

Transferring to a university entails many factors. In general, most academic core courses taken at Navarro will transfer to most four-year universities. The transferability of a course is only one factor, usability is another. Navarro College attempts to list mostly transferable courses on an academic-transfer degree plan at the associate’s degree level; however, each university often has particular preferences as to what courses will meet each major’s degree requirements. Any courses outside those requirements either will not transfer or will transfer as merely extraneous “electives.” Therefore, rather than assuming that all courses will be fine in transferring to a university, it is very important that students have made use of their resources in researching program requirements from the university’s major department. Navarro College counselors have many tools to assist students in selecting the right courses for transfer. Always check before enrolling. The key to transferring successfully is to begin the research and to ask questions early.


Helpful link to understanding what Transfer Credit means and why it’s important to know if your credits will transfer to a four-year university of your choice.

University Transfer Equivalency Guides

One of the tools that students find to be useful is the equivalency guides that university admissions offices produce for community colleges. These transfer equivalency guides indicate the university course that the university has determined best matches to each course taken at a particular community college. In following this guide, a student will know whether a course transfers to a university, and sometimes universities will produce guides that show specific course requirements for each major. This can be very helpful! Many transfer guides are available on the Internet through the web site of the four-year colleges and universities. For university information that is frequently requested, try the following:

Baylor University

Dallas Baptist University

Sam Houston State University

Stephen F. Austin State University

Tarleton State University

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A&M University – Commerce @ Corsicana

Texas State University

Texas Tech University

Texas Woman’s University

University of North Texas

University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Dallas

UT Health Science Center at San Antonio

UT Medical Branch at Galveston

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

University of Texas at Tyler

University Transfer Fair

Representatives from many four-year universities visit with Navarro College students at the university transfer fair held on the Corsicana campus each Spring. This program gives students the chance to compare information from several institutions at one time, limiting the hassles of traveling to numerous universities while deciding on a preferred school. An annual university transfer fair and other programs like transfer seminars and individual university visits on campus are available.

Support Services Grant

As mentioned above, students wishing to transfer to a four-year college or university are encouraged to apply for assistance through the Student Support Services Grant. This will better prepare students for transfer by allowing the Counseling Center to identify those students who know they wish to obtain a four-year degree. Through this program, funded by the US Department of Education, qualified students will have special opportunities to visit university campuses, to speak with visiting university representatives on Navarro College campuses, and to attend seminars on transfer information. As part of the Two-Year/Four-Year Transfer Initiative Grant services, counselors can assist with miscellaneous transfer needs including such items as making telephone contacts, obtaining transfer guides, and providing a helpful checklist of questions when inquiring about a university.

Information on University Transfer Conferences and Visits

In addition to the annual university transfer fair held in early Spring, individual representatives from four-year universities visit the Corsicana and Waxahachie campuses throughout the year. Contact the Counseling Center to find out if a representative from your college of interest will be on campus soon.

Reference Guides for Accredited Universities

The Counseling Center at each campus maintains current resources listing all colleges and universities in the United States and the associated majors available at those institutions. These reference guides also list general information, addresses, phone numbers, and web sites for colleges all over the United States. For on-line resources, check out and


Corsicana Campus: 903.875.7397

Mexia Campus: 254.562.3848

Midlothian Campus: 972.775.7200

Waxahachie Campus: 972.923.6458