Student Life

Student Clubs and Organizations
Join a Club

There are many reasons why students should join a student organization.


1. Having the college experience.

2. Increasing awareness of what is happening.

3. Gaining personal growth in career, social skills, and service.

4. Joining a club is easy and makes life at NC more rewarding, stimulating, and fun.


Below is a list of our active organizations. Find one that suits you.

Honors Programs

Phi Theta Kappa

Professional Organizations

John Deere Ag Tech Club

ADN Nursing Club

Criminal Justice

LVN Nursing Club

NC Characters (Theatre Club)

NC SGA (Corsicana, Waxahachie, Midlothian)


S.A.T.A. (Athletic)

S.O.T.A. (OTA)

Social/Service Organizations

Ability Awareness Club


Art Club


Helping Hands

Ladies of Navarro

NC Cheer

NC Steppers

Impact Navarro

REC Sports

Residence LIfe

Sound of Navarro

Veterans Club

Victory Volunteers

Religious Organizations

Baptist Student Ministry

Chosen Ministries

United Christian Fellowship

Start a Club

If you don’t see a club that interests you, you might want to consider starting your own. Find other NC students who share your interests and then consult with the Student Life Director before starting the new club process.

Student Government

If you’re interested in developing leadership skills, the Student Government Association provides structured & non-structured activities on campus as well as hands-on learning experiences that will give you a competitive edge in your education and life skills.

Corsicana SGA

Contact: O.L. Kelley


Waxahachie SGA & Midlothian SGA

Contact: Jeanette Underwood