The CARE Report is designed to be one of the ways to help connect current students with the resources to help support them. Common reasons for filing a report can include, but are not limited to, academic concerns, mental health concerns, and student conduct concerns.


Call 911 or contact Campus Police at 903.875.7500

CRIMINAL REPORTING – If you have seen a crime on campus and would like to report it anonymously, a report should be made to the Navarro College Campus Police Department (NCPD):  REPORT ANONYMOUS CRIME

If you were the victim of a crime and wish to make a report, please contact NCPD at 903.875.7500.  We have officers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet with you at your convenience

Navarro College Title IX is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm, and is not an emergency response office.


In order for Navarro College to facilitate an investigation of a complaint, the following must be true:


1. The complainant followed Navarro College’s Student Grievance Procedure in an attempt to resolve the dispute.


2. All complainants should attempt first to resolve the issues where they arise and with appropriate parties involved unless there is a Title IX Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment or other safety concern.


3. The complainant did not receive a satisfactory resolution from the supervisory chain of command and is contacting the Office of the Vice President of Student Services as a last resort in the grievance process. Please note that as you have worked to resolve the issue, if the timeline has expired or if you have completed the last level of the institution’s chain of command appropriate for this type of complaint in accordance with Navarro College’s Student Grievance Procedures, Navarro College will take no further action unless there is a Title IX Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment or other safety concern.


4. The complainant chooses to submit the complaint to Navarro College in writing using the Complaint/Grievance Form.


5. The complainant has signed the form attesting to the truth and accuracy of the complaint except in anonymous reporting (see #7).


6. The complainant may submit evidence to support the allegation against the institution. Please do not submit original documents as they may not be returned.


7. The student recognizes that Navarro College will investigate anonymous complaints. However, the college’s ability is limited in investigating an incident when names are not included in anonymous reports. This does not, in any way, prevent the complainant from choosing to follow-up with additional information in the future, if desired.


8. If you have an emergency, please contact your local emergency services at 911 immediately. If your concern is not an emergency but may involve criminal activity, you may report this suspicious activity by contacting your local police. Navarro College’s Department of Public Safety/Police Department can be reached at (903) 875-7500.

Upon receiving a complaint/grievance, Navarro College will facilitate an investigation if the matter being disputed falls within its jurisdiction. If preliminary findings indicate a violation by the institution, Navarro College shall attempt to resolve the complaint. All appropriate parties will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.


If the matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Office of the Vice President of Student Services, the grievance case will be transferred to the appropriate office in accordance with Navarro College’s Standard Grievance Procedures (See current Student Handbook).


Maryann Hailey, VP of Student Services

Title IX Coordinator

GOOCH OneStop Student Center, Room #314


Marcy Ballew, VP of Human Resources

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Albritton Building, Room #145


Dr. Rebecca Tuerk, Dean of Students

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

GOOCH OneStop Student Center, Room #315


Nancy Chaney, Coordinator of Student Guidance

Title IX Investigator

GOOCH OneStop Student Center, Room #319


Rafael Vargas, Coordinator of Student Guidance

Title IX Investigator

GOOCH OneStop Student Center, Room #107


Navarro College is committed to providing a higher education environment that is free from sexual discrimination. Therefore, if you believe you or someone else that is part of the Navarro College community has been discriminated against based on sex, or if you have questions about Title IX, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Maryann Hailey who is also the Vice President of Student Services, at the GOOCH OneStop Student Center – Room #314 or call 903.875.7375. The Title IX Coordinator is the person designated by Navarro College to oversee its Title IX compliance efforts.