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Dreams and Visions – The History of Navarro College

Dreams and Visions provides a brief account of the fifty-year history of Navarro College.  It is basically arranged chronologically by the administrations of the institution’s four presidents. A wide variety of sources provided information and insight into the people and events that have contributed to the unique history of Navarro. Numerous interviews, both formal and informal, gave personal insights into the school’s development and uncovered episodes that were not “written down” anywhere. Publications such as The Growl, El Navarro, and the Corsicana Daily Sun added more information. Numerous in-house publications, brochures, and photographs were also helpful in telling Navarro’s story.


Navarro's story is a story of people, and many have been recognized by name on these pages. Dreams and Visions is intended to give the reader an understanding and appreciation of the experiences and people that made Navarro College a 'first class junior college,' as envisioned by its founders


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